The Next Stage

I honestly have to do better than this. It’s been almost four days since the last time I wrote a post. I meant to write yesterday, but I didn’t take the time to sit down and actually do it. I can say that while I’ve been away from my blog, I have been diligently training. I’ve spent between an hour and an hour and a half everyday practicing new techniques and pushing my body’s limits. So… the time away from my computer was being well spent.

Tonight I want to talk about the next stage of my training, and really ground where I am in my journey as a martial artist. As of right now, I have a comprehensive grasp on what I consider the basic and intermediate techniques of martial art. Those techniques being various punches, strikes, straight kicks circular kicks, spin kicks, movement, stances, skill with nun-chucks, knives, swords, staves, and stick weapons. In addition to mastering the physical techniques I just mentioned, I have a healthy sense of self and self-control. And at this point in my life I have taught a couple of people so far. One of those people being a female co-worker of mine, and the other being my partner.

All that I’ve mentioned above is all well and good, however over the past year or so, I’ve seen my skill level plateau. I had become satisfied with what I could do, and in my darker years I allowed my confidence and security in my techniques, to stop me from pushing myself further.

It is important to be confident in one’s training and technique, however the mistake is made when one stops striving to do more and be more in their individual martial journey.

And unfortunately, that is the mistake I made. But no more! Now that I have mastered the basic and intermediate levels, I have begun to train myself in the more advanced levels of martial arts.

What I consider the advanced level of martial arts, are the acrobatic, twisting, flipping, flashy moves that can be used to string together basic and intermediate moves to take genuine martial practice and turn it into an impressive and beautiful spectacle. There are many criticisms of flashy martial arts moves. Some say that they are only for show and only for movies, unrealistic, and without applications. But I find criticisms such as these false.

Learning these flashy advanced “martial arts tricking” techniques not only push the limits of what your body is capable of, but they also have applications in actual combat. Yes, it is unlikely that one would ever flip and twist in a self-defense situation, but it is important to note the difference between self-defense and combat.

In a self-defense situation, the one who is being attack is not expecting to be attacked, and not expecting to engage in combat. So in such situations, it is their instinct that takes over. And a fighter’s instinct works on ending the threat as quickly and easily as possible. A combat situation is different from a self-defense situation in the sense that one prepares for a fight. In a fight their is a plan, strategy and tactics, along with dynamic and ever-changing situations. So, simply put – in self-defense a fighter resorts to the basics to neutralize the threat as quickly as possible VS. in a combat situation, the goal can be a plethora of other objectives that are planned and prepared for.

These advanced and flashy techniques can be used for: intimidation and deception.

If a fighter chooses to willingly engage in combat for whatever reason and in whatever situation, then advanced flips, twists, and impressive combos and martial flourishes have the power to defeat their opponent’s mind through intimidation. Mastery of impressive feats can make an opponent realize their inferiority and doubt their ability to achieve victory. And secondly, the addition of flourishes, flips, and twists can make one’s techniques far more difficult to read. Considering so many of the advanced techniques I’m talking about can turn into so many attacks and or evasions.

The harder a fighter’s movement is to read, the greater their chance of victory. And the more a fighter wins on the mental battle field, the more victory is secured.

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